Bulletin Week December 10, 2017

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                              From the Pastor’s Desk

This week the Catholic Church in the United States joins the Church in Mexico and throughout Central and South America in celebrating the Solemnity of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Tuesday, December 12. Under this title (also known as the Virgin or Madonna of Tepeyac), Mary appeared to Saint Juan Diego, a Náhautl-Aztec convert to Catholicism, beginning on December 9, 1531. On December 12, through a miracle of roses growing on a snow-covered hillside, she left an impression of herself on his tilma (cloak). This can still be venerated at the Basilica built in her honor just outside Mexico City.

One author, Arturo Pérez, has written, “Guadalupe’s significance is both word and symbol. She (Mary) provides the answers to the prayers of her faithful people: ‘God is with you!’ Her very appearance, as one of the poor, aligns her with them. Guadalupe’s proclamation can be seen as God’s continuing care and concern for the poor.”

Our Lady of Guadalupe is a perfect reminder of what Advent is about for us who are disciples of Christ. She proclaims the truth of the Good News of salvation in Christ by reminding us that we must care for the poor among us. The Good News she shares is that Jesus, her Son and Son of God, is Emmanuel, God-with-us! The image on the tilma reveals a woman, pregnant with her child, waiting to joyfully bring him forth for the good and peace of all in the world! This Gift of God is a gift we have been given to share. How is it that you, your family and our parish community will share Mary’s Son and His Good News in Advent?


Father Tom

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