Bulletin Week September 10, 2017

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Our Cathedral Parish Council opens its new “council year” this week on Tuesday, September 12 at 6:30 p.m. in the Bishop Baker Parish Center. At this meeting, we purposely invite all the heads of our parish’s various ministries and organizations to attend. This serves a twofold purpose: [1] to look over the year and let them know what’s coming up on the calendar (and to have them let us know their plans) and [2] so the Council can give an overview of plans they will be assisting me with in the coming year.

At the August overnight retreat we hold annually for the Parish Council, we determined that efforts to ensure the success of ALPHA will be one of our primary goals for the year. At the same time, we need to ensure that regular, on-going opportunities are provided for all — regardless of age or where each person might be in their commitment to the Lord and His Church – to grow through formation programs, bible studies and several other possibilities that can give you a deeper knowledge of the Catholic faith.

We are also committed to looking for ways to reinvigorate participation in all our ministries and organizations. Our parish has lost many people who have regularly been involved in these areas. Some have moved away, others have been called home to the Lord and others tell us that there is a sense they aren’t welcome to become involved. It’s that last one that concerns me the most. None of us has a “hold” on any ministry or area of service. Any selfishness or self-centeredness leads to divisiveness and envy, not the unity and charity for which Jesus founded His Church. As has been said before: “The true character of a minister is having a servant’s heart.”


Father Tom

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