Norms for Scheduling of Weddings in the Cathedral Parish – Saint Augustine, FL


The Catholic Church believes that God is the author of marriage. Therefore, marriage is not just a human institution despite the many civil, social and cultural structures that are placed upon the union of a man and woman. Marriage is a sacrament that “bears the imprint of God’s love. Thus, when a marriage is celebrated in the community of faith -- the Church -- the man and woman who become husband and wife state publicly that they wish to cooperate with God in being a sign of His love for all the world."

Preliminary Information

1. Couples who are preparing for Marriage who reside in the Diocese of St. Augustine are to begin marriage preparation no less than eight (8) months prior to the desired date of the wedding. Couples who come to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine from outside the Diocese of St. Augustine will follow the norms established in the Diocese in which they reside.

2. The priests and deacons of the Cathedral only prepare and officiate at weddings of parishioners of the Cathedral Parish. All other couples are to make arrangements with another priest or deacon to complete the requirements for marriage preparation. The couple will also need to secure the services of a priest or deacon to officiate at the wedding.

3. The priest or deacon who will be responsible for marriage preparation must be willing to coordinate the diocesan requirements for marriage preparation, obtain dispensations and permissions that are needed, and prepare the documents that are needed. Effective July 1, 2011, priests or deacons from outside the Diocese of Saint Augustine must include a Letter of Good Standing in the completed wedding file. This letter must come from their chancery.

4. Before a wedding can be placed on the calendar of the Cathedral, the priest(s) or deacon(s) who will officiate at the wedding and/or coordinate marriage preparation must send confirmation (fax, letter or e-mail) that he commits to officiate at the wedding and/or is assuming responsibility for the couple’s preparation. This confirmation fax/letter or email must also state that celebrant priest or deacon commits to provide a Letter of Good Standing issued by his diocese. The couple must also submit a completed
wedding agreement and submit a 50% deposit check.

[Please.Note – We do NOT tentatively schedule weddings on the Cathedral calendar.]

5. All contact with the Cathedral Parish regarding wedding scheduling/planning must be via the bride or groom only.


Time for Weddings and Rehearsals

Weddings may be scheduled on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. in the Cathedral Basilica and at St. Benedict the Moor Church. Weddings may also be celebrated on Fridays at 4:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., or 7:00 p.m., depending on availability.
The Shrine Chapel of Our Lady of La Leche or the Rustic Altar may be celebrated on Saturdays at 4:00 p.m.

[P.N. – Weddings are not permitted in the p.m. of the Saturday prior to Palm Sunday, or during the Easter Triduum, or on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, the Saturday evening prior to Thanksgiving Day due to the City of St. Augustine’s Nights of Lights ceremony or the first Saturday in December due to the City of St. Augustine’s annual Christmas parade .]

Rehearsals are normally scheduled on Thursdays or Fridays at 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. Rehearsals MUST BEGIN PROMPTLY.

The marriage coordinator will wait no more than 10 minutes for a wedding rehearsal to begin. Request for rehearsals on other days and times may be requested.


Fees and Offerings

Your fee will be determined by the Cathedral Pastor and is based solely on the current parishioner status of the bride or groom only (not parents or other relatives).

• $500.00 - For registered & contributing Cathedral Parish members of one year or more at the time of contract submittal plus living within the parish boundaries.

• $1,500.00 - For registered & contributing Cathedral Parish members of less than one year at the time of contract submittal plus living within the parish boundaries or registered members of another parish within the boundaries of the Diocese of St. Augustine.

• $4,000.00 - Members of Parishes outside the Diocese of St. Augustine.

The Cathedral Parish does not accept any appeals nor grant any exceptions to the established church fees.

[An additional fee of $500.00 may be assessed for weddings not scheduled for Saturdays as well as all requests for weddings on national holidays.]

A deposit check of 50% of the above fees is required when you submit the signed contract for the wedding. The balance of the church fee is due 30 days prior to the wedding. Should you cancel your wedding, the deposit is refundable (less a $50.00 administration fee) up to seven months prior to the wedding date.  If you cancel within 7 months of your wedding date you forfeit the total deposit.

These fees do not include the services of the Cathedral Parish’s music personnel or an honorarium for the priest or deacon who is the officiant at your wedding.

We highly recommend that you higher off duty police security for the front doors of the church to manage visitors and uninvited guests.

The following must be received in order to reserve a date for a wedding in the Cathedral Parish

1) Confirmation(s) from the priest(s) or deacon(s) via fax, letter or e-mail that explicitly state that he will officiate at the wedding and/or is assuming responsibility for your marriage preparation. If the same priest or deacon is assuming responsibility for both preparation and officiating, one letter is acceptable.  Priests/deacons from outside the Diocese of Saint Augustine must also state that they commit to providing a Letter of Good Standing issued by their chancery. The Letter of Good Standing is to be included in the completed wedding file.

2) A completed, signed contract from the couple.

3) A 50% deposit of the qualifying church fee. (Payable to the Cathedral Parish)



All questions concerning the scheduling of weddings in the Cathedral Parish are to be directed to Deacon Chuck Kanaszka Phone: (904) 824-2806, ext. 301 FAX: (904) 824-0761 E-mail:


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