Bulletin Week May 24, 2020

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From the Pastor’s Desk

As we celebrate the Mystery of Christ’s Ascension into the heavens this Lord’s Day, we continue celebrate the completion of Christ’s mission received from His heavenly Father. In the Ascension, Jesus is enthroned in glory, seated at the right hand of the Father.

However, while the specific mission God gave His only begotten Son has been fulfilled, the mission remains for us to do. The power to accomplish the continuing mission of Christ comes from the gift of the Holy Spirit. These days between the feast of the Ascension and next Sunday’s feast of Pentecost are a good time for us to pray, “Come, Holy Spirit!”

In being seated at God’s right hand in majesty, Jesus also brings to fulfillment his role as High Priest. On the Cross, He is both Priest and Victim. Now, crowned in glory, as High Priest he intercedes for us from his place in heaven. And yet, He is also in us so that, in the sacred liturgy, it is Jesus who is praying in us and through us so that our worship can glorify God and we can grow in holiness.

On translation of the Preface for this feast states, “…where He, our Head, has gone, we hope to follow.” Today’s feast celebrates so much for our good and for our salvation.


Fr. Tom