Bulletin Week October 6, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk


This month Pope Francis has promulgated as an Extraordinary Mission Month. The mission of Christ always continues through His Church in every age. The Holy Father reminds us being “on mission” is one of the essential tasks of the Church.

What does it mean to be “on mission.” First, since we are baptized into Christ’s Paschal Mystery, we are to embody the Good News of new life in Christ. This, after all, is our salvation and the source of eternal joy. By actively and intentionally living our Catholic faith, we are witnesses to all that we believe. For some, this includes the call  to go to far off lands and proclaim the Gospel.

Second, we must tell the story of salvation and, how through the lives of many faithful witnesses, the mission continues to our day and beyond. The stories are those of the saints as well as all the many holy ones in our midst today who provide outreach to the poor, the marginalized and those with little or no faith.

Finally, it is about prayer – a powerful instrument that sustains the Church’s journey with and in the Lord Jesus. Prayer is the constant reminder of our call to holiness of life and, through the Spirit, connects us with the Triune God as well as all our brothers and sisters.


Father Tom

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