Bulletin Week April 22, 2018

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From the Pastor’s Desk

Today is the World Day of Prayer for Vocations. Every year it occurs on the Fourth Sunday of Easter, traditionally known as “Good Shepherd Sunday.” Throughout the Catholic world, the faithful are asked to pray for those in ordained ministry as well as for an increase in vocations to ordained ministry, particularly priesthood, as well as consecrated religious life. Along with the other priests of the Cathedral Parish, I want to thank you for the prayers that, we know, you offer for us on a regular basis.

Today, I would like to expand your consideration of vocations. The call of God to serve His Church comes in a variety of ways and manifests itself in a diversity of ministries. Over the last several months, you have no doubt seen the bulletin announcement that we are in need of additional ushers. This remains a critical need for the Cathedral! At the same time, we have a real need for all liturgical ministries – especially, altar servers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, and musicians. Very often our sacristans need to urgently find people before Mass begins in order to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion or, at times, pull chalices from being distributed because of the lack of ministers.

All of this is very troubling to me as a pastor of souls. When I arrived in July 2008, there were plenty of people involved in all of these ministries. Now, we need YOU and OTHERS to step up and respond to the call to serve. Serving others in the Sacred Liturgy is the place where we learn to also be of service to others in the world, especially the poor and needy. In today’s bulletin is a list of several ministries and organizations with email contact information. Please consider offering your gifts and talents to your parish for the common good of us all!


Father Tom

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