Bulletin Week February 19, 2017

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cps festivalFrom the Pastor’s Desk


The 32nd Annual Cathedral Festival begins this Friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. It serves as a major fundraiser for our two parish-based schools (Cathedral Parish School and Cathedral Parish School Early Education Center). While most of the proceeds continue to go to paying the mortgage on the nearly $1 million construction project in the summer of 2008 at Cathedral Parish School, the extra profits we use to help both schools with the many “unbudgeted expenses” that inevitably appear.

This year a big, unbudgeted expense has been our recovery at Cathedral Parish School from Hurricane Matthew. In addition to the insurance deductible we are responsible for, there have been several extra expenditures that insurance does not cover. We are looking for the proceeds from our annual Festival to meet those needs. Therefore, your presence and support will be a blessing for us. Also, could you consider bringing friends, neighbors and co-workers with you who may never have been to our Cathedral Festival? That kind of “extra” support can be just the thing to assist us in meeting these extra expenses.

For all the information about this year’s Festival, go to www.thecathedralfestival.com.


Father Tom

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