Bulletin Week November 25, 2018

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From the Pastor’s Desk

Growing up in the Cathedral Parish in the mid-1960’s, we were taught many new hymns so as to be able to sing during the celebration of Mass. One of those that seemed to be sung quite regularly was To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King. (You can find it in our hymnal, number 570.) Today’s Solemnity of Christ the King — which is one of the newest feasts in our Church, begun in 1925 in the wake of World War I – is a good opportunity to look at the words of this song, reflect upon them and ask, “Is Jesus the true King and Center of my life?”

When Pope Pius XI instituted this feast, he did so because of the growing secularism in the world as well as to ensure that humanity did not place upon itself the erroneous thought that we are the final arbiters of what is good and evil. The latter belongs solely to God who is the Source of all good because He is the all Holy One! We are invited to be members of His Kingdom and allow His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the King of all I have and am since He is the King of all Creation.

“For in your kingdom, Lord divine, alone we find salvation” concludes the second verse of To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King. Each of us can try to be our own savior, but in the end it just won’t be truly effective. The only path to true and eternal salvation is in Christ the King. As the Church’s liturgical year comes to its conclusion this week, we celebrate and proclaim Christ as Lord. All our relationships, all we do and say, must be measured on that reality. Anything else is merely an illusion.


Father Tom

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