Liturgical Support Ministries


The purpose of this ministry is to assist in the smooth and dignified celebration of the sacred liturgy. Another important aspect for those who serve is to assist in creating an environment of Christian hospitality and welcome. This requires a constant attention to the actions of the celebrant, the order of the liturgy and the needs of the assembly. The Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality will normally be the first persons encountered as people enter the church. They are called upon to welcome the Body of Christ as it assembles for worship. The hospitality continues as they assist persons in finding seating within the assembly. They are generally responsible for coordinating the procession of gifts and taking up the collection, organizing the communion procession and the distribution of bulletins and other materials to the assembly. Men and women, from young adults to the young at heart, as well as entire families are welcome (this is a good opportunity for families to serve together). You are required to be an active and faithful member of the parish and regularly attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation. You are also encouraged to participate in the sacraments.

Contact Cam Baker at (904) 540-4396 or email



You are needed to help with laundering and ironing as well as basic cleanup and setup of the altar. Regular Church cleaning is done every Thursday after the 7:00 a.m. Mass. There are also special seasonal needs, such as Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Pentecost, and August 28 (St. Augustine’s Day) that require special care of our church. If you have some time to give in assisting in the preparation of our Lord’s Table, please join the Altar Guild.

Contact Cerilina Crowder at (904) 824-9398 or email



A new ministry, the Guild is a group of parishioners with experience and expertise in the fields of textile, sewing and manufacturing of garments. What all the members have in common is a love of the needle and thread, and a desire to share their talent and gift with the parish. The Guild will tend to designing and creating – “clothing the house of God” and its ministers – with beautiful vesture, appropriate to the Cathedral Basilica.

For further information, please contact Fr. Jeff at email



You are welcome as an individual and family to become a part of this wonderful service to your church. At each Mass we need representatives of the congregation to bring forth the people’s gifts for presentation to our Lord. By signing up for this ministry you and your family will take the bread and wine and offertory collection up to the sanctuary for presentation to the celebrant of the Mass. You will be assigned a mass every so often that you would normally attend. The only requirement to become part of this ministry is that you regularly attend mass on Sundays and Holy Days. You can sign up as an individual or as a family.

Contact the coordinator, Nancy Davis at (904)692-4174 or by email: to volunteer.



We are a group of parishioners who have formed together on the premise that we would become a more welcoming parish in line with our parish’s mission statement. As part of the new ecumenical movement started by our Holy Father, we welcome all into our church. We want to be sure that not only our parishioners, but all who come to visit us leave here with the feeling that this is their home and they are always welcome. We greet all with a warm and friendly handshake and a smile because all who enter our home are welcome. To be part of this ministry you must be warm and pleasant. You are to arrive at the church 15-20 minutes before mass and check in with the sacristan. You may serve at this ministry at any time even if you are serving at another liturgical ministry on a given day.

For information or to volunteer for this ministry please call Deacon Chuck Kanaszka at (904) 8242806 or by email:


    The Cathedral Basilica welcomes all visitors to come and pray and enjoy our beautiful church. If you are a member of a group that would like to visit the nation’s First Catholic Parish please let us know how we can help.

    We offer scheduled group tours and pilgrimages. For more information about tours, please contact Deacon Chuck Kanaszka at 904.824.2806x301 or email him at



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