Bulletin Week July 28, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk

On the weekend of August 17/18, the Diocese of St. Augustine will observe Safe Haven Sunday to call attention to the scourge that is pornography in our culture. The purpose of this observance is to help families create  homes to be “safe havens” where the gift of God’s love may grow in abundance.

In order to prepare for this observance, I have written a letter to all our parishioners that can be accessed on our parish’s website – www.thefirstparish.org. It is my hope that all our adult parishioners will read this, but especially parents, so that you can become aware of things you can do to make your homes a place that is safe and secure against all predators, including ones that are distorting and stealing the beauty and dignity of humans as given us by our Creator God. We need to combat pornography. The gift of our Catholic faith can help us.


ALPHA is gearing up for another season in the coming weeks. The 30 Days of Prayer will begin in our parish next Sunday. Now’s a good time to begin thinking about people you would hope will encounter God’s love anew through His Church AND to commit to praying for them in the coming weeks.


Father Tom

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