Bulletin Week September 15, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk

Bishop Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles and leader of Word on Fire, has written the following about the challenges the Church faces bringing the Gospel to young adults and teens:

“We live in an increasingly secularized society, which powerfully influences our young people, often compelling them to leave the Church altogether.”

He goes on the identify that youth at the median age of 13 stop identifying as Catholics because they have stopped believing or are dissatisfied with Church teaching. One of the reasons that this happens is that they have not had parental role models in practicing the faith nor has the faith been properly taught to them.

On this Catechetical Sunday, the Bishops of our country ask us to be committed in transmitting the gift of the Catholic faith to all, but especially to the youth and young adults of our communities. By building bridges of trust and providing a place where the virtues of faith, hope and charity are experienced and practiced, we live our faith. Each of us then becomes a catechist – one who, by example, teaches by faithfully living the Gospel.


Father Tom

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