Bulletin Week February 16, 2020

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From the Pastor’s Desk

The Bishop’s Annual Stewardship Appeal (BASA) is now underway. If you are a registered member of our parish or another parish in our diocese, you should have received a mailing from Bishop Estévez, asking for your support and participation in this year’s Annual Appeal. Please prayerfully consider a pledge to the Appeal using the response card mailed to you.

Next weekend is Commitment Sunday for the Appeal in all parishes of the Diocese. We will show the Appeal video as well as give all of you the opportunity to make your pledge. The theme, “One Faith, One Family” reminds us that we are members of something much greater than ourselves. During the Diocese of St. Augustine’s 150th anniversary year, the Appeal invites each of us to join as a faith community in support of the Church’s mission to minister in the name of Christ. We are called to be good stewards of all that we have been gifted with. We have the opportunity to proclaim His love and faithfulness through sharing the blessings we have gratefully received from Him.

Also, please commit this invitation to your prayer and if your circumstances allow, please come prepared to respond next week. Our Bishop asks that your gift to the Appeal be in addition to what your continuing stewardship gifts to your parish. Please know that every gift is important.


Fr. Tom

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