Bulletin Week January 5, 2020

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From the Pastor’s Desk

As the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Epiphany this Lord’s Day, we acknowledge that God manifests Himself in varied and differing ways so that we might respond to him in faith and worship. Early Christians saw in the Magi of today’s Gospel and Feast an icon of the searching that occurs as people look to find the “living God.” Throughout the Christmas season of the Church, the proclamation of the Scriptures – particularly the Gospels – speaks about the way God is discovered in our lives.

Our Cathedral Parish has a program called ALPHA which is a grace-filled way to help people who are seeking something (almost always something more) to make sense of their lives. As people of faith, we know that this is in a relationship with Jesus and His Church. ALPHA offers an initial step for people to find that path to Christ. Like the Magi of old, these people come looking for Christ and, hopefully, they find him in us and our community of faith.

Today the Diocese of St. Augustine embarks on the celebrations around the establishment of the Diocese by Pope Pius IX in 1870. Imagine the millions and millions of people who have encountered the Lord throughout the State of Florida just since that time. Others come among us in our day. May we be open to them and bring them the Gift of Christ – the Love, Peace and Salvation of our God.


Father Tom

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