Bulletin Week October 13, 2019

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From the Pastor’s Desk

We congratulate the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche on being named a National Shrine! As the first Marian Shrine in what is now the United States and the site where the beginnings of our own parish took root, it is a noteworthy designation by the bishops of our nation.

To be named a National Shrine indicates that pilgrims have an intention of going to a specific place to ask for the favor of the Lord OR the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary or one of the saints. Certainly we know that thousands come regularly to the Shrine in
America’s Oldest City to ask Mary’s intercession in the case of a difficult pregnancy, to be fertile so as to conceive a child, and, in some cases, to ask her intercession as Mother of Mercy.

We certainly are blessed to have this historic Shrine in our home town.

When you have family and friends in to visit you, consider taking them to the Shrine for a kind of mini pilgrimage. Such visits and journeys do not have to be planned specifically in advance. A “spur of the moment” desire to visit the Shrine, participate in Mass there or simply to walk its peaceful grounds and pray (maybe the Rosary or a decade of it) is in the spirit of pilgrimage. Take advantage of this wonderful treasure we have in our town.

Love, Father Tom

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