Bulletin Week May 17, 2020

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cathedral basilica of st augustine » St. Augustine SocialFrom the Pastor’s Desk

Welcome back! It’s been eight weeks since Mass was celebrated publicly in the churches of the Diocese of St. Augustine. It’s certainly a blessing to have you with us once more.
As we move ahead, the next several weeks and months will not get us back to normal. (And that may be a long time in coming!) However, as we move forward, please be aware of the following:
 Government and health agency guidelines for social
distancing have determined the seats that will be
available in the Cathedral and St. Benedict the Moor
Church. Seats are available on a first-come, firstserved basis.
 Once Mass has begun, to provide both safety and calm
of all, no one else will be able to enter.
 The Diocese of St. Augustine has asked that all who
attend Mass use a face mask or other covering except
when receiving Holy Communion.
 After each Mass, the church will be locked so that staff
can wipe down surfaces and prepare for the next
Mass. Please be patient as this is done.
 Bishop Estévez has determined that, while the threat
of the pandemic remains, Holy Communion may only
be received in the hand. The Precious Blood will not
be distributed to the faithful.
Finally, I want to express gratitude to those families
and individuals who provided generous contributions to
the parish over these last two months. Your kindness is
very much appreciated. Since we have been without regular offertory income, your continued consideration, as
best you can, is appreciated.

Love, Father Tom